Photo by NRDFLX


Orecus is a swedish modern death metal band originally founded in 2011 and re-launched in 2020. Drawing influences from the riff-focused modern era death metaltogether with the aggression of its older counterpart, Orecus form a clear pathbetween sheer brutality and clever songwriting. Orecus are now back with the follow-up to 2021s ‘The Obliterationist’. With their second full-length album titled ‘Dreadnought’ set to be released on April 5th 2024 via Violent Groove, the band continues on the path that ‘Obliterationist’ paved with delivering straight to the point and uncompromised modern death. All whilst at the same time diving into more chaotic, dissonant and melancholic territories than before.’Dreadnought’ is a showcase of the bands evolvement since the debut and a clear signal that they are here for the long run.

Orecus are:
Elias Ryen-Rafstedt – Guitars
Martin Maxe – Bass
Philip Grüning – Vocals
Herny Gonzalez – Drums


Dreadnought (2024) – Album
Hunter (2023) – Single
The Obliterationist (2021) – Album
Conclusion (2016) – EP


Elias Ryen-Rafstedt: Solar Guitars

Herny Gonzalez: Artbeat Drumsticks

Martin Maxe – Woodo Guitars